About Angie

Angie and her horse, Leo

Angie Morin has been intuitvely communicating with animals since she was a child.  Her connection has always been apparent to those around her. From the time Angie was a child, animals have been drawn to her and she has had a way of communicating and connecting them. As a child, she wasn’t sure how, but animals labeled as “difficult” or “shy” or “scared”, always responded to positively to Angie.

Angie connects with all species of animals

This became more apparent once Angie started riding horses at age 8. Horses that were “hard to ride”, were the horses Angie wanted to ride. These horses were different with Angie. They were cooperative and calm. She has spent over thirty years as a professional equestrian and horse trainer, training difficult horses easily and quietly by intuitively using her communication skills. She successfully competed on horses that others were not able to keep sound or had behavioral and/or unmanageable issues. Her natural ability to connect and communicate allowed her to succeed with horses that others struggled with.

Angie has also bred horses and dogs. The offspring of both the dogs and horses were always found to be better socialized, more adaptable, and easier to train than most. This was due in part to Angie’s intuitive ability to connect and communicate which allowed her to get these animals off to a good start.  Angie’s ability to successfully match these puppies, foals, and even now, horses with the right owner, is dependent on her ability to connect with animals and humans at a soul level. Making these connections helps ensure a good fit and also helps the human understand the animal at a deeper level, including the animal’s purpose in their life.

Angie and Buddy

Angie has deeply connected with animals through her heart energy for as long as she can remember. Dogs, Cats, Horses, Rodents, Birds, and even a Grey Squirrel have found their way into Angie’s home and family. Her ability to connect and communicate with animals helped Angie rehab and befriend a grey squirrel which lived with Angie for 5 years. 

More recently, Angie embarked on a spiritual journey to further develop her gift she knew she had. Angie has studied under renowned psychic Melissa Boyd and renowned Animal Communicator Danielle Mackinnon. Angie has taken years of practice and study to develop this gift and strengthen her skills.



Angie feeding a wild bird out of her hand

She continues to use meditation, practice and mentorship to further develop her gift and her connection to animals both alive and crossed over

Sessions are offered in person or remotely (through phone or email). To schedule please call or text 207-590-2005 or email Angie@AngieMorin.co

Angie is committed to helping animals. Angie and her dog Titan are participating in the Dog Aging Project. This is one of the largest studies canine health studies ever initiated. The study will follow participating dogs for TEN years to identify the biological and environmental factors that maximize longevity.