Rebecca H./Harrison, Dog:

Harrison was having a hard time acclimating to his new family. His new family could tell he wasn’t happy. Angie was able to tell Harrison’s family what he needed to help him settle in and be a happier dog. Here is what his owner said:

“I have not been able to do all of the things you suggested in your reading, but I have done a few and noticed a real difference. Harrison seems so much happier. He has even been caught playing with Molly, even if its’ just for a few seconds.”

Meet Lexi- Angie read Lexi. Here is some feedback from her owner:  OMG! THANK YOU!!!! This is so spot on! I will for sure make a review 😊 So she says no chickens…her companion pony just passed away last month. She seems to like the goats. Do you think that suffices?  Thank you again! This is so insightful ❤ Thank you so much for the reading! I stopped micromanaging Lexi and have focused on her hooves. She is so much happier! We’ve been doing the parelli games and she is loving it and more importantly no longer thinking I’m a stupid human with zero equine smarts 🤣 We both have begun to break down our walls and trust each other. I can’t thank you enough!!! We’ve been shopping for an equine friend but she seems real happy with her goats-calling to them if they leave her. We’ll continue to shop around for her perfect pal if she truly needs one😊 Thank you again! Your reading and insight has totally changed our relationship. I’ve been recommending you to everyone!

Dawne P./Felix, Dog:

Angie, You are real good!!! I can see why you book up. I got a trainer for Felix’s( and for me) and she great too. He doing great. Felix’s is doing Nose Work class in Kittery. He loves it and working hard. You have a great gift. You are real good. Thanks again, Dawne

Felix had many behavior issues and insecurities and Angie was able to help Dawne direct Felix to an area of interest (per Felix’s request) to help with confidence and behavior. 

Jessica P./Kate, Horse:

Angie read Kate through a remote session last week. Her owner just wanted to learn about Kate’s past. Here is what her human had to say:

“Thank you for Kate and Loretta’s readings! I think that they are both really spot on! Kate is a new arrival for us, and very emotionally fragile. I understood immediately what you meant about the high expectations for her (and me!) since I just found out yesterday that her mother was a barrel racing champion and her father was a reining horse turned ranch horse for retirement.”

Cathy M./Baby Girl, Horse:

Angie was able to validate the connection by telling her human Babe was stalled in the first stall on the right in the barn and how much she disliked the dentist. Here is her humans reaction to the reading with Angie: “WOW!!!! I’m still crying. lol. You are spot on about babe, she hated anything with her mouth, I couldn’t worm her, and cringed if I had to give her oral meds. Yes, the stall she spent the last 3 months in was the first on the right after grain room. its big. sunny.“

Cathy M./Duke, Horse:

Thank you for these! Duke is my 1st horse – actually the horse that helped me conquer my fear of horses – so he is in many ways my teacher and has guided me this far! You are spot on about him being stoic – we’ve seen it over and over with him, and his purpose, even though we don’t ask it of him – is to work. He was a workhorse all of his life and despite his “retirement”, he doesn’t seem ready to slow down!

Emily V./Callie, Dog:

That’s so strange you’re saying that because last night for some strange reason, I’ve never ever done this before, but I walked by her laying on the dog bed…as I was getting into bed…and I looked down at her and I said out loud “Cali do you want to sleep in the bed with me tonight” and I picked her up as if she were a puppy and placed her next to me with her head on The pillow.  (Callie had asked for more one on one time with her owner)

Ryan F./ Noble, Horse:

Noble had a remote reading with Angie . In part of the reading, Noble shared he doesn’t like being rushed and refuses to be rushed. Here’s what his owners had to say “The reading amazing!! He definitely does not like to be rushed, that’s for sure. Now I want all of my animals done! And we have a string!!!”

Paisley, Dog:

Angie was mentioned in Seacoast Newspaper for her part in helping reunite a dog lost for two weeks with her family! Angie was the only communicator that knew Paisley was still alive and outside in the surrounding location. Read more here. 

Deborah H/Maggie Mae, Dog:

Again, I can’t believe how accurate you are.  It is as though you are watching us interact in the house.  Maggie sits in front of the door/windows to just watch outside.  My greetings at the door is so full of love and excitement.  She needs to be near me or touching me at all times day and night.   No one else in our family gets this reaction.  Then if I come in after work too focused on my cell phone or something else, Maggie sits on the floor just as you described completely disappointed after my greeting.   I can see her bored eyes!  Her purpose is to have me be more silly too.  Her purpose is to allow me the experience as a parent. (I only have two stepchildren that don’t acknowledge me.) You described what is going on with her hips.   She had ACC surgery in June and we noticed that she favors that front sometimes.
Being with other dogs, take it or leave it.  She barks just like she is telling them to calm down and I feel exactly the what you told me is true of her personality.  You are actually describing me too.  All business! All points you made hit home!  Thank you again Angie for a complete description of Maggie Mae and all of her needs.  And you are right, I am not surprised by any of this, I know her well and I feel I know what she wants.  You just confirmed everything for me!

Deb H./Harper, Dog:

Meet Harper!

“FYI – Harper’s first year of life – you nailed it! We know that she was adopted as a puppy by a young military man (22 years old) and he left her crated most of the time as he went out on training for days and weeks at a time asking neighbors and others to feed her and to let her out. His parents convinced him this was no life for dog. ”
Meet Zoe!

Betsy Hasty/Zoe, Dog

Yesterday my son had a. Reading on Zoe from Angie Morin(animal intuitive) she is amazing!. “Zoe is a healer and wants to be working with your mother in her reiki practice.” So last night Zoe received her Reiki 1 attunement. Thank you God for sending this beautiful,smart,loving spirit to us all”

Kristi Borst/Sarge, Cat:

“Hi Angie. Sarge definitely has issues with his throat chakra and has since we adopted him in 2005. He can not meow. He opens his mouth and just a breath comes out…… sometimes a squeak”

Angie read Kristi’s cat Sarge remotely and was able to pick up on the throat chakra issue and communication issue.

Heather Bruhl/Bodie, Dog:

“Great reading Angie. I think you nailed it!!!”

Angie read Heather’s dog, Bodie, remotely and was able to pick up on personality and medical issues.

 Julie Baxter Bogart/Vern, Cat:

“OMG-THANKYOU for this insight into Vern! You are SPOT ON. We do have a very special bond. And he is not a large cat. He always sits on the couch with
and has the biggest look of adoration for me.  He is skittish around other. I am the only person he’ll allow himself to relax with/on. The hearing makes sense. He freezes a lot (easily startled) and looks around a lot. Thank you for reminding me he may like something with my scent around during the day. I have been giving him Reiki to help bring his energy system in balance. And, this year is all about new beginnings and stepping out of comfort zone. I have grown some in this area, but now I feel more empowered to step into.”

Angie read Julie’s cat, Vern, remotely. Angie was able to specifically pinpoint him “looking around a lot” and was able to tell Julie this is due to hearing issues. Angie was also able to connect at the soul level to both Julie and Vern and help Julie understand Vern’s purpose in Julie’s life is to help her with new beginnings and step out of her comfort zone.

MaryAnn Ratteree/Bailey, Cat:

“Omgosh !!! THANK YOU !!! I’m not surprised by anything you said. The poor thing .., I can exactly understand what she is saying. I will try my best to make changes. I agree with her…, changes need to happen for both of us.”

Bailey had been going to the bathroom outside of the litter box. Angie was able to pinpoint why and give MaryAnn feedback from Bailey on the changes that need to happen for the behavior to stop!

Sydney S./ Horse:

“Thank u so much for the meditation because that helped a lot with confirming what happened to her.”

Angie read Sydney’s horse remotely and was able to confirm a prior injury and it’s location (without being told about it before the reading). Angie also confirmed the history of the horse.